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Terry is So Proud to Launch Her "Signature P.E.A.R.L.S." Program!

Preparing Elegant And Ready Leaders for Success!

"Legacy Principles for Empowered & Successful Business, Personal, Spiritual & Community Development."

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Let's Get To Work!

Terry, What's Your Formula for Success? Can You Give Me Encouragement? It's Hard & Hopeless; What Should I Do?


REAL TALK; Leaders Need New Perspective.

Coaches Need to be Coached. Others in Transition Need to Know How to  Begin. 



A savvy and veteran Publicist, Terry is always asked these questions and so many more. The most consistent question that she receives is, "CAN YOU MENTOR ME?" She has heard the continuous pleas for assistance from around the country from all levels of professionals, business & community leaders and the "want to be" entrepreneurs about next steps and she has proudly developed an empowering new Mentoring Series to teach her "Legacy Principles" to help her clients boldly step into their own greatness without reservation and expecting unlimited opportunity to SOAR! She says, "DROP THE GUILT AND FEAR OF YOUR DESIRE TO BE EXCELLENT & SUCCESSFUL! DARE TO BRING OUT THE "PEARLS" IN YOU!"


Terry is a successful entrepreneur. Hard work, perseverance and total commitment have led this tenacious and fearless Publicist to the White House; TWICE! Always quick to hand out advice, she has now taken the wisdom of her own experiences and failures to develop effective and empowering tools. Her hard work and tireless commitment to community has resulted in a successful nonprofit as the Founder and Executive Director of The Sisters Inspiring Sisters Incorporated. "It's about balance. I work tirelessly to move my clients beyond their goals with excellence and I work relentlessly to impact community for the greater good. I'm mandated to gift God with my best efforts on all fronts, professionally, spiritually and within my community!"


One on one client Sessions are available and the classroom Series of the Legacy Principles will be taught to engage, empower, uplift and educate. It's time to OWN YOUR GREATNESS TO ACTION beyond the thought process. She said, "Dreams become true vision when implemented to committed action otherwise they remain unrealized and unfulfilled wishes!"


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