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"Treasure Her Society of Elegance"


Elegant Decorum.....It's Time to Change The Rules of Engagement!



The "Treasure Her Society of Elegance" is a Premier and Exclusive Movement of Women Who Wear Hats, Gloves and Pearls As An Attitude And It's A

Way of Being; True Leaders with a Pearl Heart, Mind and Soul! 


They are Women who are powerbrokers and unafraid to embrace their divine calling to be great and gracefully stride against the wind.  They are Women who are relentlessly and unapologetically pushing toward unlimited possibilities.  Treasured Pearls Are Changing The Game!  


Terry has developed an incredible Series for Women to Move them to their highest levels of Elegant Decorum; professionally, spiritually and personally! She excitedly announces the "Pearls Know Their

Worth!" Mentoring Series of Seminars to TRULY TEACH Pearls of Wisdom to Step Into Your Own Greatness! Drop the guilt of your desire to be excellent!



Charter Memberships are Exclusive and by Invitation for those that are clearly ready to Answer The Call to Elegant Excellence!  Exclusive Members will receive incredible benefits for joining at the 1st Round Level! The Ground Level Fee is Nominal but the Experiences will be Phenomenal!


You Are Worth Your Investment To Be Excellent In Your Destined Elegance!


Life mandates excellence at ALL LEVELS! The ways of doing business have changed and lost substantive value, leaving emptiness and high disregard and respect for each other's gifts, time, talents and success.  The "hook up" mentality must take it's rightful place out of the line of duty.  Her Legacy taught us that "WE ARE INDEED OUR SISTER'S KEEPER!" The FLY BY NIGHT MENTALITY is ineffective; The HOOK UP MENTALITY is OVER!






"Pearls Know Their Worth!™" ​

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