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"The Treasured Pearls Have Spoken....."

Debbie attended the Inaugural 2013 Treasure Her Celebration and wanted to personally invite you to the 2014 Celebration!


Click on the Video to Listen!

*What an AWESOME "Treasure Her" Weekend! I LOVED this weekend full of hats, Pearls and Girly ELEGANCE and Wow, I had the chance to Treasure some women close to me in remembrance including my Mom, Deborah Burke. It was very special to me that my baby, Day'Shawna Deborah Burke was there to celebrate my Mom's Legacy with me. I am so proud of her for knowing and respecting the

Legacy that her NaNa passed down to her. #proudmommy

Kim Burke, CEO, The Burke Learning Center



I am so proud of my sister, Terry Spicer, author of Lessons from Her Skirttail in accomplishing her dream! The "Treasure Her; A Celebration of Our Legacy's Elegance" Tea was absolutely beautiful! What a weekend of elegance!  Velma Greenlee


*There is no question the Treasure Her Conference was a complete success. Elegance and grace was flowing from beginning to end and it was my pleasure to support this great vision and visionary. After meeting Mrs. Spicer in February, 2013, I was intrigued by her confidence, poise, grace and elegance. To my surprise, this was a divine connection. As a young entrepreneur, wisdom and grace are very important when blazing trails. Since the Treasure Her Conference, my business has been blessed with new and repeat customers who are excited about my natural skincare line, My Sweet Skin.  From the youngest “Skirttail” to the more seasoned…this wonderful collection of women honoring women was simply enchanting. Returning next year is a must! Kenyatta Johnson, CEO, My Sweet Skin 


*Terry I had a wonderful time this weekend meeting great women of God; my sisters in Christ I look forward to next year. I know that our Father will have much more to give to his daughter's through you. Thank you for everything! Love you. Valarie West Rucker


*Terry, mere words cannot express how I feel after having attended your so elegant event this past weekend. I am a behind the scenes type of person but very observant!!! The things I did observe will stay with me forever as I gleaned much! The speakers, honorees, food and just your entire concept was awesome! My prayer for you, the Lord will continue to use you for his Glory in the earth! I am excited about my opportunity to become an "Ambassador!" I will be in touch with you. Rita Suiter


*December 9, 2012, I wrote in my journal how delightful it was to connect with Terry Spicer, a former classmate at NCSU on Facebook. Without knowing much of anything about Terry’s planned Treasure Her Event, I immediately began to entertain thoughts of attending. In December 2012, I was spending most days at the bedside of my best friend, Terrie. Terrie had been diagnosed with cancer. I was once again facing the 2nd loss of an intimate confidante of my life. You see I lost my niece Parish in March 2006 and still considered myself in recovery. March 24, 2013, 7 years after my niece, my dear friend Terrie passed away. So, now I know why God led me to Terry Spicer. Terry Spicer whom I had not seen or spoken to since 1982 had planned an event that would help me to restart recovery. Treasure Her was designed just for minister to me…celebrating “strong” women who give so richly to others… gospel music sang by a little “Faith” to show me yes, “faith” of a mustard seed is all I need…meeting other “nurses” who reminded me of my calling…a gathering of women of all ages dressed to feel good, to feel special… and an opportunity to contribute to an organization assisting cancer patients. Treasure Her delivered to me a spiritual uplifting at a time it was most needed. Sophia Whitaker


*Terry I am still in AWE of everything from last week!! Just AWESOME and such a Blessed event!! I am already looking forward to next year!  Paula Waters
















































Kenyatta Johnson

Founder - My Sweet Skin 













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